Elmyra IP Navigator

The Elmyra IP Navigator provides efficient access to public and commercial patent databases.
Its unique interface and rich feature set offer unequalled user experience and performance.

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Powerful and easy to use

With the particular strong demands of professional patent researchers in mind, we designed a unique user interface backed by a powerful middleware for researching at open access and commercial patent databases.

  • Web GUI. Built on proven modern web technologies using responsive design, it works on multiple devices from PC over tablet down to smartphone platforms and also scales up as a multi-screen solution.
  • Simple. Doesn't require hardware in your datacenter, local installations or advanced configuration. It just works over the Internet from any place in the world. IP information at your fingertips.
  • Just fits. Can be used standalone or as an add-on to any IP management system of choice. We offer branding, white-labeling and sub-licensing for maximum flexibility. Also don't hesitate to ask for on-premise conditions.

Multiple data sources

The middleware provides a unified search experience across multiple open access and commercial patent databases.

  • OPS. The Open Patent Services from the European Patent Office are based on DOCDB (the EPO master documentation database) with worldwide coverage from over 90 countries. Full-text coverage (descriptions and claims) are supplied for the authorities EP, WO, AT, CH, GB, ES and CA.
  • DEPATISnet. DEPATISnet is provided by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. Its contents equal the coverage of DEPATIS, the in-house patent information system of the DPMA. The database contains searchable descriptions from DE and DD.
  • depa.tech api. The depa.tech archive provides professional access to patent information and fulltext search across DE, EP, WO, US, JP and KR.
  • CLAIMS® Direct. The CLAIMS® Direct Data Collection includes data from 90+ countries and is always expanding. It contains searchable full texts for publications from 22 patent offices worldwide (AT, BE, BR, CA, CH, CN, DE, DK, EP, ES, FI, FR, GB, IN, JP, KR, LU, NL, RU, TW, US, WO). This data gets accompanied by bibliographic data and abstracts from the DOCDB database as well as legal information from 60 patent offices coming from the INPADOC database. Their database is updated weekly.
  • There's more to come. We are working on the integration of USPTO PatFT, WIPO PATENTSCOPE, EPO GPI and other commercial databases.

Open & Collaborative

  • Interactive I/O. From clipboard to URL parameters, there are many ways to import and export things to and from the user interface in different formats.
  • REST API. Through the powerful REST API, all functionality is available to any 3rd-party systems talking HTTP. Deep integration has no limits.
  • Sharing. Well-designed collaboration features allow efficient sharing of information with your colleagues, even across the boundaries of in-house systems.
Data I/O

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Secure & Private

  • Private. We emphasize security and privacy: All data is stored on your local computer or device, unless you explicitly share it with anybody else.
  • Encrypted. All communication is secured using industry-standard transport layer security (TLS).
Local, private database Encrypted communication


The DPMA decommissioned a system used by the people of VDPM end of 2014.

They needed a replacement system for conducting worldwide full text searches and for efficiently sifting through hundreds or thousands of result documents for intellectual review and rating.

The software can be easily integrated into existing solutions.

Europatent GmbH offers the software as part of their "PATOffice" product suite under the label »PATOffice Navigator«, see also its product flyer.

Open source, open development

The source code of the »IP Navigator« is available under an open source license using the brand name »PatZilla«. The development process is open to anyone interested, we are looking forward to any kind of contribution. For further details, please visit:

Getting started

Please contact us via email if you are interested in working with or operating the IP Navigator software yourself. We run a hosted platform and also offer on-premise deployment options.

For getting a trial account for the hosted service, please contact us at     trial@elmyra.de

For general inquiries, we are happy to hear from you at     info@elmyra.de